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No More Red Sox

I feel like I’ve cut off an arm. Realizing that the new year was coming and not too long after, the start of spring training, I went to the MLB site and turned off automatic renewal of my subscription.

At the end of last season, I didn’t have much interest in watching the disastrous games of a last place team. Like most true fans, my chant was “Wait ’til next year.” There was still hope that they’d re-sign Xander Bogarts, extend Devers contract before it expires, and the minor league fill-ins would have matured enough to take their places on the big league field.

But over the winter, they let Bogarts go to the Dodgers, there’s no sign of a new contract for Devers, and several of those young, potentially future stars got traded away as well. It just doesn’t seem like management is interested in getting to the post season. They’re more concerned about the luxury tax, counting on the loyal fans to come to the park anyway.

I think they’re in for a surprise. With a recession raising the costs of necessities, baseball is one of the expenses you can cut without too much pain. Especially when the team was never in contention. I’ve got one of those right here at home in Arizona. And I can watch the Diamondbacks for free.

But I’ll still miss the Red Sox.


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