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African Violet Club Mysteries

True Blue Murder Book Cover
Is a blue ribbon worth killing for?

Lilliana Wentworth, retired librarian and avid grower of African violets, is ecstatic about her entry in the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community’s first African Violet Show and Sale.
But her excitement turns to dread when the aggravating Bette Tesselink, her fiercest rival, turns up dead, and she’s the primary suspect.

The first in a delightful cozy mystery series with a plot full of twists, a hint of romance, and a magical ending.

Blood Red Murder Book Cover
A murder in plain sight, yet no one saw it happen.

Lilliana Wentworth’s reputation as an amateur sleuth has drawn a slew of new people to the next meeting of the African Violet Club. But when the retirement community’s newest resident is murdered, her joy at the thought of new members evaporates.


With an abundance of elderly suspects, once again Lilliana is compelled to come to the aid of the small town chief of police to help solve a murder.

Royal Purple Murder Book Cover
Murder on the 4th of July

The village of Rainbow Ranch, Arizona is all abuzz since famous rodeo star Fox Fordyce came back home.


But when the aging rodeo queen is shot dead at the annual Fourth of July Celebration, Lilliana Wentworth, retired librarian, African violet fancier, and amateur sleuth, must solve the case before her ditzy best friend is arrested for murder.

Double Pink Murder Book Cover
African violets, comets, and psychics

Persuaded by her best friend to attend a local psychic fair, retired librarian Lilliana Wentworth doesn’t really believe in fortunetelling. And when she overhears a tarot reader predict death to the young woman seated at a nearby table, she’s not so sure consulting a psychic is a good idea. And she feels a touch of premonition herself.

She’s fairly certain she’ll soon be solving another murder.

Ghost White Murder Book Cover
Who haunts the abandoned town of Greenville?

Rainbow Ranch, Arizona is neck deep in controversy over the development of a nearby ghost town into a tourist attraction. When one of the adversaries is murdered, suspects abound.

Including the Ghost of Greenville.

Holly Green Murder Book Cover
Holidays can be murder.

Lilliana Wentworth is preparing for Christmas, relieved that life in the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community has settled down and gone back to normal. But then she stumbles over the body of the new administrator.

Can she capture the killer in time to have a happy holiday?

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