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Shipwreck Point Mysteries

The Case of the Mysterious Madam 400 x 600.jpg
Can one man's troubled conscience save an innocent woman from a terrible fate?

In 1894, a high-powered criminal defense attorney seeks redemption… in the most corrupt town in New England. Titus Strong left Boston for the seaside town of Whitby to escape the publicity from his most recent case. As well as his guilty conscience. But when a local madam is accused of murder, he’s compelled to step back into the limelight.

If you like Perry Mason and historical mysteries, you'll love Titus Strong.

02 The Case of the Angry Artist 400 x 600.jpg
Titus Strong never wanted to be a hero. But he has a talent for winning impossible cases.

As the prominent lawyer prepares to leave his self-imposed exile in Shipwreck Point, a seaside town south of Boston, his confidential secretary persuades him to take one more client.


03 The Case of the Comely Clairyvoyant 400 x 600.jpg
Sometimes dead men do tell tales.

Fannie Tyler, a beautiful young widow, still talks to her husband every day, even though he perished in a blizzard six years ago.

And he talks back.

04 The Case of the Seafaring Santa 400 x 600.jpg
On a stormy Thanksgiving night, the hazardous coast of Shipwreck Point claims another vessel.

When the lifesaving station's crew pulls the unconscious elderly sailor from the troubled sea, his appearance is made plain. It appears they have rescued Santa Claus.


Nothing goes smoothly in Shipwreck Point, and "Santa" becomes the primary suspect in the town's latest murder.

Can Titus Strong prove him innocent in time for Shipwreck Point to have a Merry Christmas?

05 The Case of the Troubled Tycoon 400 x 600.jpg
A power struggle for a prominent position. A forbidden romance about to be exposed. A desperate deed that could solve both problems.

The distinguished, wealthy members of the upper class who spend their summers in Shipwreck Point are determined to found a yacht club. When one of the rivals for commodore of the club is found murdered, Titus agrees to defend the other, even though he’s not sure of his innocence.

Has he once again been trapped into defending a guilty man? Or is his new client truly blameless?

06 The Case of the Pirate's Puzzle 400 x 600.jpeg
Legend has it there’s a pirate ship with a cargo of Spanish treasure sunk off the coast of Shipwreck Point.

An academic professor has stirred up the story again with the publication of a new book and a series of lectures, bringing hordes of treasure hunters to the small town. One of these is Addison Slater, who persists in digging into historical records in his search for clues. 
When the professor is found murdered, Slater is the primary suspect.

Can Titus Strong prove him innocent?

Impossible Illusion Kindle Cover Website 400 x 600 20240507.jpg
Love is in the air. So is murder.

The long-promised vaudeville troupe has arrived in Whitby, with the finale being famous magician Kenneth Harrell executing his repertoire of card tricks and illusions. The whole town is eager to attend a performance, including Titus Strong and his secretary, Elisabeth Wade. But the lawyer is taken aback when an advertisement features the prestidigitator and his assistant, who happens to be his sister. 

He’s procrastinated on asking Elisabeth to marry him. Because Elisabeth has to know the truth before she responds to his proposal.

But when the magician’s assistant falls to her death during a performance, Titus has a whole new set of problems to face.


Will he be able to untangle the deception in time to have his—and Elisabeth’s—happily ever after?

SWP Masked Ball 400 x 600.jpg
A Shipwreck Point Short Story

Fancy dress balls were all the rage, and what better time to hold one than on Halloween? Elisabeth Wade is thrilled to have received a most-sought-after invitation to one, and she’s filled with excitement at the idea of showing off her costume. Titus Strong can think of other things he’d prefer to do, but he’s resigned himself to tolerate the function for her sake.
But the gala turns grim when a body is discovered, and Titus is now in his element as he focuses on finding the killer.

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