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My New Blog is Live!

This post is now coming to you via If you’ve previously bookmarked my old site, please change it to the new one.

It’s been a struggle to get all this working again after a gatekeeper flagged my old website as a “phishing” site. I’ve been desperately trying to keep the old domain going forward with a new website, but the memory of the internet is long, and after spending months building the new site and trying to get things accepted by the gatekeepers, I finally had to change its name.

In the process, I learned a whole lot about how websites get tracked, where to go to try to fix things, and the futility of talking to tech support at ISPs and website providers. If the problem doesn’t fit something that can be answered by a bot or searched by a keyword, you’re SOL. (* Out of Luck).

So, instead, I’ve decided on a workaround, because I really need my website to promote my books. I’ve not given up entirely on resurrecting the old name, but I’ve already lost hundreds of hours of writing time as I got sidetracked by this problem. So here I am, back with a spiffy new color scheme and newly designed web pages. Take a look at it if you can. And if anything doesn’t work for you, please let me know.


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